Business Partner Committee
The Business Partner Committee works to enhance member relationships with chapter business partners by recognizing business partners at KCALA events and on our website. Financial support from business partners helps defray costs of KCALA events, scholarships awarded to national and regional ALA conferences, and other Chapter expenses. 

Community Service Committee
The Community Service Committee coordinates the Chapter's annual Community Challenge project. This involves research and recommendations to the KCALA Board regarding opportunities of service, as well as organizing the event and soliciting participation.    

Compensation and Benefits Survey Committee
The Compensation and Benefits Survey Committee produces and distributes the Chapter's annual compensation and benefits survey through a third party vendor. The committee distributes survey results to all participating firms. Results are also made available to non-member firms as well as administration in other industries.   

Membership Committee
The Membership Committee has the prime responsibility for recruitment of prospective members of the Chapter, as well as retention of current membership. The committee welcomes new KCALA members by acting as a resource for questions and inviting them to KCALA meetings and functions. They make an ongoing effort to improve resources, programs and events.  

Newsletter Committee
The Newsletter Committee has the responsibility for preparing and circulating the Chapter's newsletter, the Hearsay. The primary purpose of the Hearsay is to keep our membership apprised of upcoming events and programs, highlight national ALA programs and benefits, and remind members of ALA guidelines. 

Programs Committee
The Programs Committee arranges educational programs for the monthly lunch meetings, scheduling speakers to address current trends in the legal and business community. The committee identifies topics of interest, contacts and confirms speakers, and coordinates the evaluation process. The five 5 areas of important knowledge as identified by ALA are: Communications & General Management, Financial Management, Human Resources, Legal Industry, and Office Operations Management.  

Website Committee
The Website Committee is responsible for the development and ongoing administration of the Chapter website, ensuring up-to-date information regarding events and members. The committee strives to maintain a "state of the art" site and welcomes all input.  

Visibility (Bar Relations/Diversity) Committee
The Visibility Committee has the prime responsibility of improving the Chapter's visibility and credibility through relationship with the local bar associations. The committee promotes the successful development of office management practices in law firms and other legal entities through valuable training opportunities.  

In addition, the Visibility Committee promotes diversity within KCALA and area law firms. The committee facilitates the Chapter's involvement in the Heartland Diversity Job Fair as well as other diversity opportunities within the community.